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Attack Functions (必殺ファンクション Hissatsu Fankushonn, dub: Special Attack Routines)Hissatsu icon.png Chou hissatsu icon.png are the LBX's signature moves used to finish off the opponent in the Danball Senki Series franchise.

They are activated by when the energy consumption level is reached according to the Chance Gauge (Cゲージ Chance gauge icon.png) in the CCM charged during battle. When the player's Chance Gauge reaches maximum level, the player can activate a function acquired through the LBX's auto-learning system depending on the weapon equipped.

In the Danball Senki game series, Attack Functions can be unlocked by leveling up your LBX through gaining experience points. The battle result shows the amount of experience gained for the LBX and the weapon equipped in battle. The more experience through battle, the more powerful are the functions become through usage and unlocking when maximizing the weapon to master level.

When the enemy LBX's HP is in the red zone, using an attack function as the final blow will results in a drop bonus of items, medals and frame parts. This last attack is called the Final Break (ファイナルブレイク Fainaru Bureiku, dub: Breaking Blow)

List of attack functions

Screen interface


  • The Attack Functions and the Inazuma Eleven series' Hissatsu Techniques respond as dual counterpart game elements towards their respective Level 5 game universes.
  • For the BOOST version, the dual-sword and pistol styles will gain the normal amount of EXP. points per battle according to their respective sword and gun style.
  • In the anime series, the Attack Functions can only be obtained as the Core Memory records enough battle data to unlock it, depending on the weapon used in battle.
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