Lists all the official Bandai plastic figures models and non-plastic models for the Danball Senki franchise.

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Numerical Catalogue

The original non-scale catalogue LBX series.

Z Modes

The Z-Mode Bandai Models are completed action toys compared to the usual plastic models. They are highly detailed figures with dimensional joints comprised of a 12cm tall core skeleton with attachable armor. The most detailed features are the figures are capable of performing imitation poses as to the actual game and anime.

Hyper Functions

The kits in the Hyper Function line differ from the regular release as they have fully working Core Skeletons similar to the animation, with the Armor Frames molded in screen-accurate colors so painting isn’t necessary. The capes are created with actual cloth and not cutouts from the instruction manual. As of 2019 re-released of Achilles, Emperor, Odin and Lucifer, Optional decals for personal preference are also included.


Sprukits are the American version of select LBX plastic models


  • In Beijing, they introduced the LBX bandai models in November 2012.
  • In America, they introduced the LBX bandai models in April 2015.
  • Near the end of 2019, Bandai Spirits (with the blue logo) has rereleased most of the numerical catalogue LBX models from the first season along with a few of the Hyper Function lines. However, the stats stickers and the pair of hexagonal pieces with the name LBX on it along with the diorama artwork on the insides of the boxes are completely removed.
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