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Crystar Ingram (クリスター・イングラム Kurisutaa Inguramu) is one of the world's top LBX brand makers in the Danball Senki universe.


As the number one shareholders of North America and rivaling Tiny Orbit, Crystar Ingram is considered to be biggest LBX maker to reach its LBX products towards the entire globe. They manufacture the state-of-the art LBX core parts and offer them as winning prizes to official LBX tournaments, such as theArtemis.

In the W season, it bought Tiny Orbit after the sales of LBXs dropped significantly due to the Detector incident. After the Paradise incident was resolved, both Tiny Orbit andCrystar Ingram have become separate independent businesses again.

One of their test players is M. Gojou, who assisted NICS in stopping an LBX brainjacking tower in Cairo, Egypt.

Crystar Ingram decides to send their research and LBX to Tiny Orbit due to the pleas of the Hacker Corps in order for Tiny Orbit to create an LBX that surpasses O-Legion once the news about Mizel and the protagonists efforts to combat him are made public.

List of Manufactured LBXs

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