Cyber Lance is an up-and-coming LBX manufacturer who specializes in cutting-edge LBX technology. It has its own special Research and Development division, who seeks out valuable combat data and uses the latest and most innovative technological feats to produce high-end LBXs. It is Cyber Lance's goal to become the number one LBX brand in the world.


Cyber Lance HQ

During the events of Angravisdas, Jin is approached by Seiji Saibara. According to him,Cyber Lance is in line with Tiny Orbit and Kamiya Craft as one of the world's leading LBX brands. However, as of yet, the company has only mass-produced a limited number of beginner offerings such as Kunoichi and Mad Dog. Thus, Cyber Lance was in need of Test Players who display a tremendous amount of LBX control, style, and most of all, those that seek high-performance tech that other companies can't provide.

At first, Jin was hesitant. However, he eventually gave in to the idea of becoming their test player and he was given Proto Zenon in order to obtain valuable combat data.

Since then, Cyber Lance has produced a myriad of high-performance LBXs including, but not limited to, Zenon and Triton.

While rivaling Tiny Orbit in the same industry, it will cooperate with Tiny Orbit's fight against terrorism through various incidents.

Research and Development (R&D)


According to Saibara, Cyber Lance's R&D department, composed of employees with top-level skills and intellect, is split into three groups:

  • High-speed Operation
  • New Material R&D
  • Design Integration

Known Employees

  • Seiji Saibara
  • Cyber Lance has a multitude of departments, thus there is a large number of nameless employees.

Test Players

  • Jin Kaidou

    Cyber Lance's first high-end prototype, Proto Zenon.

    -Jin was selected to test Cyber Lance's newest LBX, Proto Zenon. With it, Jin was able to perform feats that The Emperor and Kamiya Craft could only dream of. It also has partial flight capabilities and takes advantage of previous combat data that Jin collected while using The Emperor and Emperor M2.

List of Manufactured LBXs


  • Cyber Lance seems to favor hammer-type/melee-type weapons for their high-end LBX models. This is evident by Proto Zenon's. Zenon's, and Triton's weapons, although this may also just be Jin's preferences.
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