Danball Senki (ダンボール戦機 Danbōru Senki, lit. "Cardboard Chronicles") is a 2011 Japanese anime television series produced by Level-5 under the direction of Naohito Takahashi. Based on the Danball Senki Playstation Portable RPG, the anime series was broadcasted in Japan on the TV Tokyo Network starting March 2, 2011.


The year 2050, Ban Yamano is an average middle schooler who loves LBXs, but couldn't have one due to his mother's banning after the death of his father 5 years ago. One day when he was returning home, he comes across a Rina Ishimori who hands him a metal briefcase saying it is the key to both "hope and despair" for all humanity. He returns home to discover the contents in the briefcase, an LBX model named "AX-00" never seen in the sales catalogs. Then he get ambushed by a mysterious LBX legion, leaving Ban no choice but to fight back using the AX-00. Ban manages to fend them off, but finds himself caught later in future battles for the sake of recapturing the AX-00.

Together with his classmates, Ami Kawamura and Kazuya Aoshima; they fight off the enemies later confirmed as the Innovator. Led by Yoshimitsu Kaidou, this mysterious organization whose agendas for global domination involves the hidden key item inside the LBX model. Soon, Ban will come across many friends and rivals from his LBX battles to accompany him in the fight against the organization. Teaming up with Hanzou Gouda, Daiki Sendou, and the mysterious transfer student, Jin Kaidou; they join the anti-terrorist organization called the Seekers, led by Takuya Uzaki, younger brother of the CEO of the world's top LBX maker. As the fight against the Innovators continues, Ban would discover the true nature of the LBXs, including the reason for his father's disappearance.




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