The Detector Insignia.

The Detectors (ディテクター) is a mysterious terrorist organization in Danball Senki W, and the second antagonist faction in the Danball Senki Series. Other than the mysterious masked man and the brainwashed slave players, no other members and operatives are completely known yet.

In W-Episode 29, it was revealed the masked was none other than Professor Junichirou Yamano himself. Taking responsibility for the LBXs that lead the founding of Omega Dain, he single-handedly along with Kazuya Aoshima took on terrorist acts while simultaneously commencing attacks against Omega Dain's secret weapon facilities.


Detector version of the first LBX trio

The Detectors hijack into master computers around the global to brainjack all LBXs as its personal army, to deliver world-economic threat demands towards N-City, Shangpao, Kairo and Brinton. As the NICS group flied towards Camberlin, the difference in motivation changed when the masked man publicly announced a war declaration instead of his initial objectives.

This organization immediately defected when Professor Junichirou Yamano revealed himself to Ban and the others regarding the true enemy and join forces with NICS, thus ending the threat of Detector.

Slave Players

Used LBX(s)

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