Meeting the Tiny Machine
DanSen 1 HQ 57
Name in Japanese 小さなマシンとの出会い
Release Date March 2, 2011
August 3, 2014 (English Dub)
Production Staff
Script Akihiro Hino
Storyboard Naohito Takahashi
Episode Director Norio Nitta
Animation Director Hiroyuki Nishimura
DVD Volumes Volume 1
Episode Navigation
Previous N/A
Next Episode 02
Theme Songs
Opening 1 Dream
Ending Boku no Chokinbako

Meeting the Tiny Machine (小さなマシンとの出会い Chiisa na Mashin to no Deai) is the first episode of the Danball Senki anime adaptation. It aired on 2nd March 2011.


Humanity had invented fortified cardboard in the year 2046. The fortified cardboard had revolutionized the world market. It also served a greater purpose for reviving the cancelled distribution of the miniature hobby, Little Battlers Experience (LBXs).

3 years later, the story focuses on Ban Yamano who was LBX battling alongside his best friends, Kazuya Aoshima and Ami Kawamura in the 2050 LBXs World Tournament, Artemis.

The episode goes back in time before the event, when Ban was on his way to the Kitajima Model Shop.There, he saw a rare, unscheduled released armor frame kit, Achilles. Despite his low allowance and his mother's objections against LBX, Ban wanted the kit very much.

Before going home, Ban comes across a mysterious woman chased by 3 unknown pursuers. The woman gives Ban a mysterious metal suitcase without any instructions. It is later revealed to contain an LBX model, AX-00. Unbeknownst to Ban, the mysterious woman's pursuers were now after him and they launched a surprise attack to retrieve AX-00. What is this mysterious LBX that lies the fate of humanity's future?





  • The battle at the beginning of the first episode is a flashforward scene that occurs in Episode 20.