The N City Line Investigation
Name in Japanese Nシティ大捜査線
Release Date February 15th, 2012
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Theme Songs
Opening Brave Hero
Ending Do Wak Parappa

The N City Line Investigation (Nシティ大捜査線) is the fifth episode of Danball Senki W anime, It was aired on 15th February, 2012.


Jessica battles Ban. The two appear to have evenly matched speed and skills. When Ban begins to get serious, Jessica pulls out Jeanne D and welcomes the group to N City. She reveals she is from NICS and has been sent to pick them up.

Back in Japan, we learn that the Seekers are working on a vaccine program to stop the brainjacking of the super computers. The group arrives at NICS and Jessica introduces her father, defense secretary Owen Kaios. Cobra shares with NICS what they know, and the two groups agree to work together. At noon the LBX's in N City get brainjacked. The Detectors leader once again appears on screen and demands the President withdraw by 6 p.m. or he will continue to have LBX's go on a rampage. Ban, Hiro, Jessica, and Ran are given a program on their CCM's that will allow them to detect EM waves. Using the program they trace the hijacked computer to the subway doctor train. The Seekers finish the vaccine program. The four members install the vaccine program in their LBX's, and Jessica and Hiro head into the doctor train to stop the brainjacking.

Once inside they run into Kousuke who has been turned into a slave player by the Detectors and has a control collar around his neck that brainwashes him. His sole mission is to stop the group from deactivating the train. With 1 minute left until 6 Hiro throws Shadow Lucifer into the air with Perseus's swords. Jeanne D finishes off Shadow Lucifer deactivating the control collar and making Kousuke fall unconscious. Jeanne D installs the vaccine program, and the LBX's fail to start back up at 6. Before the group can get off the train, it starts up unexpectedly and begins to run wild. 

Major Events

  • Ban Yamano battled against Jessica Kaios. The battle ended without a result.
  • Owen Kaios made his first appearence.
  • Ban, Hiro, Ran and Cobra joined the NICS.
  • Hiro and Jessica battle against Kousuke Kamiya. The battle ended with Hiro and Jessica's victory.




Shadow Lucifer 2

Shadow Lucifer