And Their Name is Innovator
Dbepisode 07
Name in Japanese その名はイノベーター
Release Date April 13, 2011
Production Staff
Script Tatsuto Higuchi
Storyboard Kazuo Nogami
Episode Director Kazuo Nogami
Animation Director Hideaki Shimada
DVD Volumes Volume 2
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Theme Songs
Opening 1 Dream
Ending Boku no Chokinbako

The Name is Innovator (その名はイノベーター) is the seventh episode of the Danball Senki anime. It aired on April 13, 2011.


This episode begins with the professor beinh kidnapped by the Innovators and with the Innovators announcing a fake news that the professor is dead. with a flashback 5 years ago; Professor Yamano and Rina were in an airplane that was supposed to be flying to the Neo Technology Summit.

Back to the present, in Blue Cats Coffee, Takuya announce to Ban, Ami and Kazu, that the professor is not dead. The Innovator capture Professor Junichirou for his intelligence to make the Eternal Cycler. Eternal Cycler is a machine that gives Infinite energy to machines. If Eternal Cycler falls to the wrong hands, it can lead to the destructon of the world. As soon as Ban and friends leave the cafe, Takuya told Hiyama that he found where the Professor is. He was kept in Tenshi no Hoshi (Angel Star).

Major Events