The Great Labyrinth, Angel Star
Dbepisode 08
Name in Japanese 大迷宮エンジェルスター
Release Date April 20, 2011
Production Staff
Script Shoji Yonemura
Storyboard Shuuji Miyahara
Episode Director Shuuji Miyahara
Animation Director Satomi Kako
DVD Volumes Volume 2
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Theme Songs
Opening 1 Dream
Ending Boku no Chokinbako

The Great Labyrinth, Angel Star (大迷宮エンジェルスター) is the eighth episode of the Danball Senki anime. It aired on April 20, 2011.

Plot Summary

Ban, Ami, and Kazu run into Inbit in the air ducts. When Inbit refuses to follow them around the corner Ban realizes Inbit must be an AI LBX. Achilles and Kunoichi distract Inbit while Achilles takes out his camera lenses, allowing Ban and his friends to win the battle. Kamiya sees what Ban has done and decides to come up with a new strategy. He has Dequoo R's continue to distract Ban and his friends in the air ducts while he goes and gets Kirishima.

He takes Kirishima out of the control, but not before having Yagami plant a false location for Professor Yamano in the control room. Kagami then tells Kirishima that Tiny Orbit has sent Achilles in to steal their most confidential data. He is promised if he can destroy Achilles that he will be given the finds to restart his company. In the control room Ban and his friends find a hidden elevator and take it to the lowest floor. Meanwhile Yagami goes to Professor Yamano's room and gets ready to move him.

When Ban and his friends make it to the lowest floor they get locked in a secret manufacturing plant. Kirishima comes out controlling the deadly tractor known as The Steel Monster Ijitesu. Kirishima scares Ban and his friends enough where they must send out their LBX's. Kirishima gets one hit on Achilles and knocks his controls lose. Kirishima aims the tractor at Achilles with one goal, running over him to win back his company. 

Major Events