Infiltrate Omega Dain
Omega dain
Name in Japanese 潜入 オメガダイン
Release Date March 14th, 2012
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Theme Songs
Opening Brave Hero
Ending Do Wak Parappa

Infiltrate Omega Dain (潜入 オメガダイン) is the nineth episode of Danball Senki W anime. It was aired on 14 March, 2012.


While NICS is traveling to L-City to investigate Omegadain, word comes in that Cairo, Egypt has been brainjacked. The team decides to divide into teams of two. Ban, Jiro, Yuuya, and Takuya will investigate Omegadain while Hiro, Ran, Jessica, and Cobra head to Egypt. The scene shifts to Omegadain's test room where we see the youth that said he would destroy Ban in the first episode. His name is Kazama Kirito, and he's Omegadain's test player. Kirito destroys 10 LBX's with his customized Dequoo in less than a minute. While a video explaining Omegadain's role in M-chips is playing Ban, Jin, and Yuuya are sent to try to make it to Omegadain's controlroom through the air shafts. Kirito sees them and decides to make a challenge. Jin and Ban make it to the halls where their air vents are located, but Ban gets trapped in the bathroom and has to alter the infiltration route.

Yuuya also makes it to his vent, but he is intercepted by Kirito and forced into battle. Yuuya debuts his Liu Bei LBX to battle against Kirito's customized Joker. While Yuuya battles Kirito Ban and Jin close in on the control room, but government officials show up and force them to vacate their hiding places. As the battle between Liu Bei and Joker hits a high mark, the government officials arrive where Yuuya and Kirito are battling. They force the battle to stop and the Vice President of A Nation announces that Omegadain is being blockaded by the government. All non-Omegadain personnel are forced to leave the premises, including Ban, Jin, and Yuuya. Takuya meets back up with them after the movie finishes, and as they wonder when they will get another chance to investigate Omegadain, he gets a call from Alan Worthen, the owner of Omegadain. 

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