The Magician in the Box
Name in Japanese 箱の中の魔術師
Release Date May 11th, 2011
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Opening 1 Dream
Ending Boku no Chokinbako

The Magician in the Box (箱の中の魔術師) is the eleventh episode of the Danball Senki anime. It aired on April 27, 2011.

Plot Summary

While leading Ban and his friends to where Gouda is the Innovators agents ambush Ban and company. At first the group decides to walk away from them, but they tease him with the knowledge that they might know where his father is being held. Ban agrees to battle them, but they say they will only reveal where his father is being held if he can beat them 3-on-1. Ban and Achilles battle the Innovators Dequoo's. During the battle Ban learns his first finishing move, Lightning Lance, and is able to overpower them. The Innovators agents retreat without telling Ban anything, and the Four Devas remember how Gouda revealed to them that they would soon be fighting the Innovators.

Afterwards the group goes into a nearby arcade where they find Gouda has lost in a LBX battle to one Sendou Daiki and his LBX Joker. Gouda is about to hand over all his territory to Daiki when he realizes there is a catch. Daiki can only claim Gouda's territory if he is the first one to defeat him. That honor went to Ban. Now the only way Daiki can claim the territory is by defeating Ban in battle. Ban and Achilles battle Daiki and Joker, but Ban relies to much on his finishing move, Lightning Lance. As a result Achilles is slow and cannot hit Joker. Daiki begins to use Joker's speed and causes what appears to be clones to appear.

Before Joker can finish Achilles though the Emperor intervenes. Jin says they should finish their battle at Angrivisdas since they are both competing, and Daiki agrees. Ban is given a list of everyone competing in Angrivisdas by Gouda. He takes this list back to Kitijima's where Ami, Kazu, and Ban come up with strategies to defeat each competitor. As time runs out the group heads to Angrivisdas. Welcoming everyone to Angrivisdas is none other than the legendary LBX fighter Lex. Lex announces that each LBX battle will be unlimited regulation, meaning anything goes. When Lex finally turns toward Ban we see it is none other than Hazami. After the intro the tournament officially begins, and Ban meets his first opponent. 

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