The Dark Battlefield, Angra Visdas
Angra Visdas
Name in Japanese 闇の戦場 アングラビシダス
Release Date May 18th, 2011
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Theme Songs
Opening 1 Dream
Ending Boku no Chokinbako

The Dark Battlefield, Angra Visdas (闇の戦場 アングラビシダス) is the twelvth episode of Danball Senki anime adaptation. It is aired on 18th May 2011.

Plot summary

Angrivisdas begins and Ban battles Head Hunter Gatoh and his Buld. Gatoh seems to dominate the pace with his rocket launcher, forcing Ban to continually dodge and run around in circles. Eventually Kazu reminds Ban that he needs to turn the battle in his favor through pace. Ban charges straight at the Buld and begins getting in multiple hits. Gatoh decides to cheat and use a stun grenade. With Achilles stunned Gatoh breaks out an axe and chops at Achilles shield. The axe has gun powder hidden in it and sends Achilles flying. The shield falls to the side and allows Gatoh free access to Achilles right arm. He begins attacking Achilles right arm continually, hoping to chop it off. When stun wears off Achilles is able to dodge again, but he loses his right arm in the process. Once again Ban is forced to dodge, but while he's dodging he's moving in closer. Ban decides to use his shield to block one of Buld's missile launches, and in the process he learns Sword Cyclone. Achilles tosses his shield aside and picks up the sword. He uses sword cyclone and advances to the semifinals with the win, thanks to his second round opponents eliminating each other at the same time.

Afterwards Kazu, Ami, and Jin all advance with victories. The quarterfinals begin and Kazu and Daiki advance, setting up a Daiki vs. Ban semifinal match. Afterwards Ami tries to move in quickly and strike Emperor in the legs, where she thinks he is vulnerable, but Jin dodges the attack and finishes off Kunoichi in one strike. 

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