Where I Belong
Wars Episode 13
Name in Japanese 僕のいる場所
Release Date 26th June, 2013
Production Staff
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Theme Songs
Opening Unlimited Myself
Ending Kamisama Ya Ya Ya

Where I Belong (僕のいる場所) is the thirteenth episode of Danball Senki Wars anime. It was aired on June 26th, 2013.


Hikaru's past is revealed after he goes to the infirmary. He argued with his father after he'd repeatedly ignore his pleas to play LBX with him due to work, overhearing the elder Hoshihara. Hikaru went on to other friends, but ended up disliking what he viewed as weak practice, driving them away as his father watched. Mr. Hoshihara warned his son the importance of teammwork, but Hikaru angered, left, determined to get results unlike his father. Sometime in the future, he participants in Artemis 2055, using his Lucifer to defeat the remaining four contestants. He awakes from his memories after seeing Arata and Dot Phasor, waking up to Kyouji in the infirmary, asking him whether or not he was skipping.

Hikaru battles Jin's Gunter Yzelphar, obsessed with his drive to be the strongest against all others. Meanwhile, Jenock's Third Platoon struggle to break through Rossius' defenses.