Finals, The Emperor
The Emperor vs Achilles
Name in Japanese 決戦 ジ・エンペラー
Release Date June 1st, 2011
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Theme Songs
Opening 1 Dream
Ending Boku no Chokinbako

Finals, The Emperor (決戦 ジ・エンペラー) is the fourteenth episode of Danball Senki anime adaptation. It aired on 1st June 2011.

Plot Summary

Ami realizes that since they did not know who the Innovators spy was, there was a good chance it was Jin. A recap of the fights and the LBX's being used in the final is shown. Then Jin and Ban get ready to begin their battle. Jin promises to tell Ban the coordinates of where his father is at if he can beat him.

Ban does not waste anytime time. He attacks head on, but The Emperor dodges most of his attacks. Ban decides to use Lightning Lance to force The Emperor to attack. Once The Emperor jumps into the air Ban activates Achilles V-Mode and does some serious damage, or so he thinks. In reality The Emperor suffers about 20% damage, and Jin decides to reveal his true strength. The Emperors eyes go from black to white to a blood red. His speed increases, and no one can keep up with Jin's hand control movements. Jin uses his finisher, Impact Kasier, to bury Achilles, but Achilles manage to dig his way out and starts blocking all of The Emperors hands on attacks. Jin continues to increase the speed of his commands, and it eventually burns out the control chip inside The Emperor. With The Emperor's functions ceased Ban and Achilles are declared the winners.

Jin tells Ban Professor Yamano is located at coordinates 579-934. After everyone clears out the group returns to Blue Cats where Lex enters the coordinates and finds out it's the mansion of Kaidō Yoshmitsu. Takuya reveals that Yoshimitsu is the head of the Innovators, but no one is sure how they can infiltrate until the mysterious woman from episode 1 reappears. Her name is Rina. She is revealed to be Professor Yamano's assistant, and she just happens to have data on the Kaidō's mansion that they can use if they let her work with them. 

Major Events

  • Ban Yamano and Jin Kaidou fought against each other in the finals of the Angra Visdas. The battle ended with Ban's victory because Jin's The Emperor wasn't able to move anymore.
  • Jin was revealed to be the Innovator's assation.
  • After Jin's loss, he told Ban the location of Junichirou Yamano.
  • Yoshimitsu Kaidou was revealed to be the mastermind behind the Innovator and it was also revealed that Ban's father was in the house of Yoshimitsu.
  • Rina Ishimori arrived at the Blue Cats and gave them an USB.

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