Reunion of Fate
Name in Japanese 運命の再会
Release Date June 22nd, 2011
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Theme Songs
Opening 1 Dream
Ending Boku no Chokinbako

Reunion of Fate (運命の再会) is the seventeenth episode of Danball Senki anime adaptation. It aired on 22nd June 2011.


After Yoshmitisu's LBX Gekkōmaru defeats Achillies, Hunter, and Kunomichi, Ban holds on to the hope that one of the other groups can arrive and defeat Yoshimitsu. That hope is quickly dashed as Yoshmitsu has the other teams brought in and reveals they have also been captured. Finally he has Professor Yamano brought in. Professor Yamano is mad at Lex because he had told Lex not to come back.

Takuya manages to slip his guard and takes Yoshimitsu hostage, or so he thinks. Rina grabs a gun and makes everyone think she is helping Takuya until she points it at his back, forcing him to let Yoshimitsu go. When asked why Rina reveals that Yoshmitisu is the only man who can allow a certain medical procedure to be used. She needs this medical procedure to save her sisters live.

Just as Yoshmitisu is about to have everyone killed Professor Yamano laughs and reveals that even if Yoshimitsu has Achilles, it does him no good. The decoder for the Platinum Capsule has been hidden as the prize for the Artemis Tournament, The only way to use its technology is to have both together at the same time.

Professor Yamano then triggers some explosives hidden in Yoshimitsu's house, allowing the crew to escape. However Professor Yamano heads off in a different direction, saying he has some other business to take care of. After everything is finished Van is dropped off at home. Just before his mom can scold him he reveals his father is still alive, and Van's mom decides to reveal how she found out Professor Yamano was still alive years before. Ban then vows to win Artemis at all costs.

As the episode ends we return to Yoshimitsu. He has entered some sort of strange lab, and he is downloading some sort of program into a mysterious young man. 

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