The Opening of Artemis
Artemis 001
Name in Japanese アルテミス開幕
Release Date July 13th, 2011
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Opening 1 Dream
Ending Boku no Chokinbako

The Opening of Artemis (アルテミス開幕) is the eighteenth episode of Danball Senki anime adaptation. It aired on 29th June 2011.


There is one month left until Artemis starts. Ban, Kazu, and Ami decide they will enter Artemis to keep the Innovators from gaining the Metanus GX. However Blue Cats coffee is closed, so they move their training to Kitajima's and to Gouda's hideout. Ban, Kazu, and Ami practice as often as possible and against as many players as possible leveling up their battle skills as well as fine tuning their best moves. Maintenance is done daily to their LBX's to keep them also in top fighting shape.

At school it is announced that Jin has had to transfer to another school, and at a secret lab we see Yoshimitsu continue to experiment on the mysterious young man. With roughly a week left until Artemis begins Ban gets a message from Lex. Lex has him meet in a secret location where he teaches him a new finisher Super Plasma Burst. The new finisher should allow him to defeat the top class fighters, but it is to only be used when the timing is right. Gouda reveals that he is entering Artemis as Lex's battle partner, meaning The Seekers will have two teams competing for the prize.

The day of the tournament finally arrives. Ban, Ami, and Kazu make their way to Artemis stadium. Ryuu comes to Artemis Stadium with a special banner he has made with the addition of the Devas for the occasion for Ami. At the stadium the group sees many of the world's best champions arriving. They also run into some familiar faces in Daiki and Jin, and they see the mysterious boy climb out of the car. For some unknown reason the mysterious boy begins to follow Jin when Jin is not looking. Eventually Jin confronts him and learns his name is Yuuya Haibara. The name seems familiar to Jin, but he cannot place where it is from. The episode ends with the Artemis Opening Ceremonies.

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