Clash, Jin and Lex
G-Rex 7
Name in Japanese 激闘 ジンとレックス
Release Date July 13th, 2011
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Theme Songs
Opening 1 Dream
Ending Boku no Chokinbako

Clash, Jin and Lex (激闘 ジンとレックス) is the nineteenth episode of Danball Senki anime adaptation. It aired on 6th July 2011.


Artemis officially gets underway with Block A. 16 teams make up each group, with 5 groups total competing. In Group A Lex and his G Rex are teamed up with Gouda and his Hakai-O while Jim competes with Emperor M2. The mysterious Yuuya is watching the matches from his room and looks like he is absorbing the data, similar to what a LBX does.

Jin continues to dominate with his split second killing while Lex and Gouda merely overpower the competition. The two teams make it through the first two matches and end up meeting in the semifinals. Looking for a split second kill Jin uses Impact Kasier, but G-Rex stops it with his fists. Gouda begins attacking The Emperor M2 full throttle, but once again Jin seems to be able to dodge everything. Lex uses his GRex's finishing function on The Emperor G2 to cause some serious damage, but the Emperor M2 quickly rebounds and slices Gouda's Hakai-O in half to eliminate him. G-Rex has a shot at a quick attack to finish The Emperor M2, but for some unknown reason Lex hesitates and Jin gets the win.

After the match Lex goes outside and tells someone on a phone call that everything is going according to their plan. Over at Tiny Corp Takuya decides to return and confront his brother Yuusuke. He reveals that Yuusuke is the man that was in the stands at Angrivisdas with Pandora. He asks Yuusuke to help him restore the seekers so they can get revenge for their father. Apparently Yoshimitsu is responsible for the series of events that led to his death, but what those events are is untold. Yuusuke refuses saying they cannot use Tiny Corp's resources to hel them get revenge, but that does not mean there are not other ways they can do so.

Back at Artemis Jin easily wins the Block A final to move to the Battle Royal. Block B begins where we are introduced to Masked J and his LBX Masquerade J, who have entered solo. In the first match of B Block Masquerade J displays amazing agility and stabs his opponents LBX's in the neck to allow him to advance to the quarterfinals of Block B. Ban is amazed by Masquerade J's moves, but he thinks Masked J looks familiar. 


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