The Dramatic Tournament
Name in Japanese 波乱のトーナメント
Release Date July 13th, 2011
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Theme Songs
Opening 1 Dream
Ending Boku no Chokinbako

The Dramatic Tournament (波乱のトーナメント) is the twentieth episode of Danball Senki anime adaptation. It was aired on 13th July 2011.


The B Block Finals begin as Masked J battles one Shou Kanzaki and his Gladiator who have finished off all their opponents in less than a minute. At first Shou and Gladiator make hit after hit on Masquerade and appear to have an overwhelming advantage. It has all been a trick though. Masked J was merely getting the timing of Gladiator's attacks. He begins to dodge attack after attack and when Gladiator gets cornered he finishes him with Storm Sword. After the match Masked J tells Shou he needs to start focusing on his defense and stop acting so immature.

The C-block contestants include Ban, Kazu, and Ami. They are called to head for the waiting rooms. In the waiting room they meet John & Paul, the North American champions. Ban tries to wish them good luck in the upcoming match, but John & Paul refuse to acknowledge him, making Ami upset. John & Paul decide they want to finish the match before it begins, but Asia Area Champion Morigami Keita and his Warrior break it up and tell them to settle it in their opening match. Ban thanks Keita and they become quick friends. Keita and his teammates Nakabayashi Reina (w/ Amazonese) and Kunoshita Kouji (w/ Buld) let Ban and his teammates see the specs on all their LBX's, as long as they get to do the same for Achilles, Hunter, and Kunoichi.

Shortly after the first matches are called. Ami wants to fight the North American champions because of their feud in the back, but she feels Achilles & Hunter provide the best chance for them to move on. John & Paul launch their Orteha & Titan into the ring, and we see the match that opens the series. Of course Ban and his team prevail, and we see quick snipets of their quarter and semi matches. In the C-Block final Ban and his friends face off with Keita and his crew. They open up with a series on head-to-head matches that make the teams appear even. However Hunter gets tricked into a trap, and Achilles and Kunoichi get damaged when they move in and save Hunter.