Who Will Win The Glory
Name in Japanese 栄冠は誰の手に
Release Date May 30th, 2012
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Theme Songs
Opening Sanmi Ittai
Ending Me wo Tojite...

Who Will Win The Glory (栄冠は誰の手に) is the twentieth episode of Danball Senki W anime.


The finals of Artemis take place. Some teams hold competitions to determine who will go participate (the Otarangers determine who will go on by playing paper, rock scissors while Daiki and Gouda determine by seeing who can be the first to drink 20 cans of tomato juice). Others teams just tell their stars to go on (Ban, Hiro, and Jasmine Alexander advance this way). Finally, Asuka goes from being a solo player in the competition.

Over at the Peace Hall, the President discusses the recent assassination attempt with NICS and with Alan Worthen of Omega Dain. Alan apologizes for Artemis being used and says they will come up with better security for the next competition. After the conference ends the Vice President tells the President instead of getting rid of all their weapons, they should work on increasing their military power to battle the Detectors.

We return to Artemis where the final round of battles begin with the battle royale. Asuka uses Vampire Cat to lure Perseus and Hakai-OZ into a one-on-one battle, and Bibinbird Gold is forced to battle Jasmine's Amazonese. Bibinbird Gold is the first one eliminated followed shortly by Hakai-OZ. Amazonese then targets Ba and Elysion, but Ban uses his shield to block all of her Gatling guns shots and take her out. Ban, Hiro, and Asuka all meet at the center of the diorama for the final battle. None of them seem to be able to gain an advantage on the other until Perseus charges at Vampire Cat. Vampire Cat jumps, causing Perseus to run into Elysion. As Elysion and Perseus battle it out Asuka has Vampire Cat launch her finisher, Devil Soul. Devil Soul gives Asuka the Artemis Championship.

During the post match interview, Asuka announces to her little brother Takeru, who built Vampire Cat from scratch, that his big sister has won, stunning all the members of NICS as they realize Asuka is a girl. Asuka is invited to join NICS, but she turns it down saying maybe they'll meet again in the future, but right now she has other things to do. Otacross then approaches Ban and Hiro and announces if they can get stronger then they can unlock a special mode in their LBX's that he has recently uncovered. 

Major events

  • The finals of the Artemis started.
  • Ban, Hiro, Asuka, Gouda, Jasmine and Ota Gold fought in an LBX Battle Royale.
  • Asuka Kojou won the Artemis tournament by break overing Ban's and Hiro's LBXs at the same time
  • It was been revealed that Asuka has a brother.

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