The World's Greatest Training
Name in Japanese 史上最大の特訓
Release Date June 6th, 2012
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Theme Songs
Opening Sanmi Ittai
Ending Me wo Tojite...

The World's Greatest Training (史上最大の特訓) is the twenty-first episode of Danball Senki W anime adaptaton. It aired on 6th June 2012.


The episode begins with Kirito facing off with Ban and Hiro in a simulation room. It's part of a training regiment Dr. Mummy has come up with for him. Kirito defeats Elysion and Perseus and then exits the sim chamber where Dr. Mummy asks him to stick around to face something new.  

Back in N City the members of NICS get together and review all Detector activity till date. They come to the conclusion that the Detectors want to cause an economic crisis. Secretary Kaios proposes that each of the LBX fighters comes up with special training programs while Otacross searches the Infinity Net and Takuya and Cobra investigate the Detectors. Secretary Kaios also says they will try to come up with a new way to search Omega Dain.  

Ban, Hiro, and Ran decide to ask Otacross about the new power their LBX's have. Otacross says that in order to achieve the new power, they must first test their bodies. He sends the team through 10 different phases that test their physical abilities, make them work as a team, and makes them learn new ways to balance. After the tests Otacross brings out his new Perfect ZX4 to battle. Perfect ZX4 is supposedly 400 times stronger than Perfect ZX3 was.  

The group withstands his Mega Thunder Cross and unlocks their special modes. Back we go to Omega Dain where Doctor Mummy has Kirito face off against his LBX Killer. Kirito sends out his Joker Kirito custom to battle this LBX killer and sees it ripped to shreds with ease. Doctor Mummy begins to laugh and announces it is time to introduce his LBX Killer, Killer Droid, to the entire world. 

Major events

  • Ban, Hiro and Ran activated their LBXs' special mode for the first time (off-screen).