A New Unit
Name in Japanese 新たなる機体
Release Date 28th August, 2013
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Theme Songs
Opening Eternal
Ending Bokutachi no Wars

A New Unit (新たなる機体) is the twenty-second episode of the Danball Senki Wars anime adaptation. It aired on 28th August 2013.


After their last mission, the First Platoon's LBXs are damaged badly and are being repaired. The First Platoon couldn't take part in the War Time and were ordered to observe Ezeldarm. Takeru Kojou and Sakuya Hosono were walking back to their dorm but on their way, Jin Kaidou gave them an USB stick and wanted them to make a new LBX. The next day, Arata Sena walked to the school's roof and was asked by Kyouji Itan to join Ezeldarm because of his Overload ability. Catherine Ruth, Yuno Kashima, Hanako Sonoyama and Kiyoka Sendou were spying on the meeting but were busted and walked back to their class to tell the others. Arata came back and stated that he rejected the request and was staying with Jenock. The next War Time was about to start with Sakuya ordering Arata to wait in his control pod. Jenock's and Harness' mission were to defend the labs to let Takeru and Sakuya make the new LBX. However, Harness got attacked by Bandit and Harness' lab was destroyed. Jenock's Second Platoon and Fourth Platoon were sent as reinforcement to Harness to help them. Sakuya finished the new LBX, Dot Blastrizer, and Arata came at time to defend his teammates and finished off Bandit.