The Shocking Last Battle
Emperor M2 vs Achilles
Name in Japanese 衝撃のラストバトル
Release Date August 10th, 2011
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Opening 1 Dream
Ending Boku no Chokinbako

The Shocking Last Battle (衝撃のラストバトル) is the twenty-fourth episode of Danball Senki anime adaptation. It was aired on 10th August 2011.



The finals of Artemis are held as Emperor Mk 2 and Achilles match each other blow for blow. The Emperor Mk 2 has an overwhelming speed advantage, and when Achilles shield gets knocked into the lava lake it looks like things will be over for Achilles. Achilles though is able to perform some acrobatics that Emperor is unable to match, and eventually Achilles gets behind Emperor and stabs him through the chest to finish him off. Achilles and Ban are declared the winners of Artemis.

LBX Jin Corners Ban

However The Emperor Mk 2 rises again. Jin loses all control of his machine, and Emperor Mk 2 grabs onto Achilles before self destructing. Achilles is destroyed. After everyone sees Achilles destroyed the power to the building is cut. Everyone is forced to evacuate, but during the commotion Innovator LBX's infiltrate the building and steal the Platinum Capsule and Metanus GX.

Yagami learns that it was the Innovators red team that shut down the power at Artemis and killed the guards watching Metanus GX in the process. He goes to confront Kaidō about it and is told he is no longer necessary. Yagami leaves, and shortly after another man in a cloak walks in and stuns Kaidō with his appearance. 

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