The LBX of Friendship & Bonds
Sigma Orbis007
Name in Japanese 友情と絆のLBX
Release Date July 4th, 2012
Production Staff
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Theme Songs
Opening Sanmi Ittai
Ending Me wo Tojite...

The LBX of Friendship & Bonds (友情と絆のLBX) is the twenty-fifth episode of Danball Senki W anime adaptaton. It aired on 4th July 2012.


The group tries to master the new flexibility of their LBX's while Ban, Ran, and Hiro try to master usage of Sigma Orbis. When Hiro falls for a trap that causes Sigma Orbis to lose, Ban begins to yell and claims that Hiro always attacks too fast without thinking of the danger. Cobra hears the argument outside and gives them the afternoon off to cool their heads. 

The groups divide into sets of two to go have some fun or contemplate events. Hiro and Yuuya head to Geek Street where Hiro hopes to collect rare Senshiman action figures. Yuuya tags along hoping to learn about some of the shows he has never seen, having had no real childhood. They get what Hiro wanted to get, but some of the geeks present recognize them and ask them to battle. As neither of them had brought their LBX's they get a couple of loaners to do battle.

Meanwhile, Jin talks with Ban and helps him realize he cannot control all the attacking and force someone else to adjust their pace. Back at the geek shop all 5 people that recognized Yuuya and Hiro participate in a 5-on-2 battle. Without having Perseus, Hiro begins to realize what true teamwork is. Yuuya leads 4 of the guys in a distraction maneuver while Hiro takes out the lone shark. 4-on-2 seems a little more reasonable as Hiro and Yuuya each are able to dispose of 2 of their opponents. As everyone returns to NICS both Ban and Hiro ask for one more battle to end the day. It's a 3-on-1 battle of Jeanne D, Triton, and Liu Bei against Sigma Orbis. Ban leaves Hiro to deciding all attack patterns while Ran decides all defense maneuvers. The scheme works as the group is able to get Jeanne D on her own and then eliminate her. Triton and Liu Bei try a double attack only to get eliminated by Sigma Orbis's lasers

The groups congratulate each other on their new found teamwork when Hiro and Yuuya announce they are entering the Big City Extras LBX competition. Everyone thinks of joining until they learn that cosplay is a mandatory requirement. Hiro and Yuuya end up being the only ones to enter. 

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