The Conquered City
Name in Japanese 支配された街
Release Date July 25th, 2012
Production Staff
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Theme Songs
Opening Sanmi Ittai
Ending Me wo Tojite...

The Conquered City (支配された街) is the twenty-eighth episode of Danball Senki W anime adaptaton. It aired on 25th July 2012.


The team arrives in Campbellen and witness the destruction the LBX's are causing from the Duck Shuttle. Otacross is unable to locate the control computer, so Ban, Hiro, and Ran launch Elysion, Perseus, and Minerva on Riding Saucers to find the best ways to attack the LBX's in the city. Along the way, Hiro nearly crashes into an automatic blimp flying around the city. Detector finally comes on and informss the world that Campbellen is but the first city in his plan for world domination. From Campbellen he will take control of the whole Australian nation and then eventually the whole world. Otacross is finally able to lock onto the control computers EM waves, but he learns there are four readings. They are coming from the four automated blimps floating around the city. The team thinks they can handle 3 of them, but they are unsure what to do with the fourth. Reinforcements arrive as President Zaizen sends Yagami and his team in the Eclipse to assist in the battle. Along with them is Ami and her new Pandora. Otacross hacks into the 4 blimps computers and forces them to land. The groups then leave the Duck Shuttle and the Eclipse in teams of two to do battle. Ban and Hiro enter the first blimp where they find Gouda is now a slace player. Jin and Yuuya enter blimp two where they find Daiki. Ran and Jessica team up in blimp three where Otasilver is the slave player. Finally, Ami and Yagami infiltrate blimp four and run into Yamaneko. The teams get trapped in D-Eggs and are forced to battle the slave players who use familiar, yet different LBX's - Hakai-O Dogma, Nightmare Fear, Bibinbird Chaos, and Bloody Ribbon.