The Legendary Super Hacker, Otacross
Name in Japanese 伝説の超ハッカー オタクロス
Release Date September 14th, 2011
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Opening Isshin Denshin
Ending Himitsu Kichi

The Legendary Super Hacker, Otacross (伝説の超ハッカー オタクロス) is the twenty-nineth episode of Danball Senki anime adaptation. It is aired on 14th September 2011.


Ban, Ami, Kazu, and Gouda head to Akihabara to look for the legendary Otacross. Little do they know that Daiki is also in Akihabara looking for Ota Red hoping to get revenge. When Ban and company get depressed because no one seems to know where Otacross is at, Otacross comes onto the overhead screen and provides a clue as to where he can be found. Ami solves the clue and leads them to the location the Ota Rangers are located at. In order to claim the legendary LBX Ami must battle Ota Yellow.

Meanwhile Gouda stays behind to battle Daiki. Ami uses Pandora's speed, calculations, and the finisher Chaotic Fist to defeat Bibinbird X3 while Gouda sacrifices an arm to pin Joker Mk. 2 and defeat Daiki. As a result Daiki becomes his servant and Ami wins the legendary LBX.

The group is taken into Otacross's office where Otacross reveals he can hack into the computer system known as God Gate, but he does not want to. Ami begs him to reconsider, and Otacross decides to help them if they can defeat him in a LBX battle. Otacross controls three LBX known as ZX3- Build 1, ZX3-Build 2, and ZX3-Build 3. He evades Ban and his friends attacks with ease to begin the battle, and when he begins to attack Ban and his friends are forces them to come together. Otacross then decides to show the true spirit of the Ota and combines his 3 LBX's into Perfect ZX3. 

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​Attack Function Used


  • In the english dub, while Spinout Shootout is the name of the Attack Function, the name isn't referred to either, but as Ota Yellow activates it, she responds to the move as "Crazy" as a reference to the original name.
  • This episode was fully incorporated as the nineteenth episode of the American english dub.