The Truth of Detector
Name in Japanese ディテクター その真実
Release Date August 1st, 2012
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Theme Songs
Opening Sanmi Ittai
Ending Me wo Tojite...

The Truth of Detector (ディテクター その真実) is the twenty-ninth episode of Danball Senki W anime adaptation. It was aired on 1st August 2012.


The battles between the Slave Players and the agents of NICS intensify, but in the end Ban and his friends walk out with the victories thanks to the finishers Holy Lance, Ocean Blast, Homura Kuzushi, and Souken Rangaki. The Eclipse picks up Gouda while the Duck Shuttle picks up Daiki, Otasilver, and Yamaneko, much to the relief of Otacross.

Hiro notices that all four blimps are from the Ocean Museum locally and thinks that it might have something to do with Detector. The group goes to investigate and finds that Asuka has been turned into a slave player.

Ban and Hiro fight Asuka and Vampire Cat but try to remain cautious because of her strength. Detector watches the battle carefully and decides to send someone in. The person ends up being Kazuya, who is teamed with Achilles Deed.

Asuka sees the collar and assumes that Kazuya is on her side, but Black Achilles uses Black Storm in Demonic Mode to break over Vampire Cat.

Kazuya takes off the collar and reveals he is not a slave player, much to Ban's relief, but he reveals that he has been working with Detector because they have found a greater threat. Afterwards Detector reveals himself to be none other than Professor Yamano. Professor Yamano reveals that the Ocean Museum has been secretly manufacturing missiles for a super weapon. Ocean Museum is owned by none other than Omegadain, who also owns the super weapon. The super weapon they have created is the Paradise Satellite. The group hesitates believing Professor Yamano until they see the weapons themselves.

Ban confront his father on turning the LBX's evil and destroying many people's dreams, but a temporary truce is called for when they learn Omegadain is about to make another move. Professor Yamano is also confronted by Asuka as she questions why he turned her into a slave player. Professor Yamano reveals that while he did make the others into slave players, Asuka was made a slave player by Omegadain as they tried to protect their weapon. 

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