Seredy's True Identity
Wars 30 HQ
Name in Japanese セレディの正体
Release Date 6th November, 2013
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Theme Songs
Opening Eternal
Ending Bokutachi no Wars

Seredy's True Identity (セレディの正体) is thirtieth episode of the Danball Senki Wars anime adaptation. It aired on 6th November, 2013.

Major Events

  • Rikuya Tougou's DC Offenser is stolen by Ayabe Renjirou along with the Parasite Key.
    • It was later returned by Ayabe when he talked to Gendou Isogai and left, leaving the DC Offenser at the stairs.
  • Renjirou Ayabe is revealed to be a spy for Ezeldarm, and a member of World Saber.
  • Seredy Kreisler is revealed to be a member of a terrorist organization known as World Saber, which is targeting various countries' secrect information located on the Under Balance in the Lost Area.
  • Reina Mito's father Professor Mito is revealed to be located in the Lost Area, though as a mechanical part of the Grand Master computer.
    • Josephine Daimon explains that it was necessary for that to happen to protect world peace.
  • Ezeldarm unveils their air fortress Dol Garuda.