Secret of Paradise
Dansen W Episode 33 Main Pic HQ
Name in Japanese パラダイスの秘密
Release Date September 5th, 2012
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Theme Songs
Opening Sanmi Ittai
Ending Me wo Tojite...

Secret of Paradise (パラダイスの秘密) is the thirty-third episode of Danball Senki W anime adaptation. It aired on 5th September 2012.


Alferdo forces the President and Secretary Kaios to accompany him to the National Defense Base, a defense base which controls all satellites for A-Nation. After entering the base the President and Secretary Kaios are introduced to Doctor Mummy, whom Alferdo refers to as Lex.

Over on Future Hope, Doctor Oozora finishes powering down the base when Hiro receives one of his visions of the future. Hiro foresees a scenario where the President and Secretary Kaios perish in an explosion at the National Defense Base. Jessica recognizes the description of the building Hiro describes and gets him to confirm it is the National Defense Base. Kazu, Ami, Asuka, Haruka and Doctor Yamano were surprised as this is their first time learning about Hiro's abilities to foresee the future.

Haruka, who knew what is going on explains that the National Defense Base has a satellite management centre and that to activate Paradise, President's activation code is needed, which is the reason Gardyne abducted President Claudia and Secretary Kaios.

Knowing that they cannot stop Gardyne if he activates Paradise from there, the team boards the Duck Shuttle and departs for the National Defense Base. Along the way, Cobra is able to hack into the base's cameras, with the help of Professor Yamano, and they confirm the President and Secretary Kaios are being held there.

Back at the National Defense Base, Alferdo questions the President on the code to access the satellite controls. The President refuses to give him the codes, and he says they will be doing this in a while. As the Duck Shuttle flies toward the National Defense Base, Professor Yamano explained his activities as Detector and is asked some questions by NICS. One of the questions he gets asked is how he was able to be Detector when the kids were in England standing next to him. Kazuya admits that it was a pre-recorded segment and that he was helping Professor Yamano by that time. As they get closer Takuya expresses a concern about getting the Duck Shuttle close enough with being detected.

Otacross finds a path in the canyon that will keep the Duck Shuttle off the National Defense Base's radar, and Metamo R flies them through that route. Unluckily for the group LBX's have been dispatched around the National Defense Base in case something like this happens. Ban, Hiro, and Ran are forced to launch their LBXs on the Flying Saucers to do battle with the Defense Base LBXs. They easily took them down while Hiro inform that more will come in. Ran said they should just beat them up but Ban warned that they should be prudent since the President's and Secretary Kaios's lives are on the line.