Humanity's Hope, Eternal Cycler
Name in Japanese 人類の希望エターナルサイクラー
Release Date November 9th, 2011
Production Staff
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Theme Songs
Opening Isshin Denshin
Ending Himitsu Kichi

Humanity's Hope, Eternal Cycler (人類の希望エターナルサイクラー) is the thirty-sixth episode of Danball Senki anime adaptation. It was aired on 9th November 2011.


As Ban and his friends begin to return to Tiny Orbit they get surrounded by Innovators who want to steal the Eternal Cycler data. Takuya attacks one of the Innovators and tries to create an opening for the kids, but they end up being surrounded. Yagami arrives on the scene and surrounds the Innovators forcing them to retreat. As the group arrives at Tiny Orbit Yuusuke decides to trust Yagami and his allies. Yuusuke then demands they begin creating a rough draft on the Eternal Cycler because the prime minister has approved Yoshimitsu's Earth Crust Generation project. The Earth Crust Generation Project calls for energy to be harvested from underground volcanoes, but it would make Earth's crust unstable and lead to lots of destruction. Over at Cyber Lance Jin returns Proto Zenon with the data he collected from Akihabara Kingdom. The data will allow them to evolve Proto Zenon into Zenon's final form. Elsewhere Daiki is battlign at the arcades trying to get some sense of fun back into his life, but he feels there is something missing. Back at Tiny Orbit Yuusuke runs into Sawamura and brushes him off when he asks for a specific report. No one realizes that Sawamura is a spy inside Tiny Orbit. At the same time Ban and his friends head towards the Seekers base and run into Rina, who has been rehired by Tiny Orbit for her Sparkbload knowledge. Sawamura goes into Tiny Orbit's main security room and shuts off their alarm system. Outside Kirishima is hired to steal the eternal cycler when it is completed. If he succeeds, he will be given the funds to restart Asuka Manufacturing. Back at the Seekers base Rina tells everyone how she shot Yoshimitsu and he survived. She then tells how she met Yagami as he was leaving the Innovators. Yagami then tells them how his family was killed by the Tokio Bridge incident and how the Innovators were responsible for it. As construction begins on the Eternal Cycler Yuusuke and Takuya get contacted by Otacross. Otacross informs them an army of LBX's is approaching Tiny Orbit through an underground tunnel. Tiny Orbit does a scan and learns more than 25,000 LBX's are about to attack as the episode comes to an end. 


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