When The Seekers Revive
Name in Japanese シーカー再生の時
Release Date November 23rd, 2011
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Theme Songs
Opening Isshin Denshin
Ending Himitsu Kichi

When The Seekers Revive (シーカー再生の時) is the thirty-eighth episode of Danball Senki anime adaptation. It is aired on 23rd November, 2011.


Five days have passed since Yuusuke died, and Ban has not left his room since that incident. Lex returns and visits Tiny Orbit where he is shown the new Seekers base. However he learns the eternal cycler data has been deleted. Before leaving Lex informs Takuya that Sawamura is an Innovator spy. As Takuya makes his way to his office, he is given the research his brother did on the Innovators and vows to fight til the very end. Takuya calls a meeting for all of Tiny Orbit and dismisses the entire board. Afterwards he returns to the Seekers base where he introduces Yagami, Hosoi, Yakabe, and Mano as the newest Seekers. The group reveals they will be providing support from the Eclipse they stole from the Innovators. Takuya reveals the data his brother got and tells everyone that his father was also killed by the Innovators in a staged car accident. He also announces that Kirishima is being brought on to create new support weapons for the LBX's. Kirishima is hesitant about doing so until Ami thanks him for creating the fortified box they use for LBX battles. We move to Ban's house where Ban's mom tries to get him to eat. She admits that she is scared but knows a time comes that people must fight and that Ban must recover. As Kazu and Ami make their way home, they get a call from Yagami. They are being pursued by one of the Innovators. The group leads the Innovator to Blue Cats where Yagami ambushes the spy and defeats his LBX Assassin. At a nearby arcade Gouda sees Daiki leaving and invites him to join the upcoming fight against the Innovators. Meanwhile Jin questions his grandfather and gains evidence that he is an android. After learning this he decides to leave the mansion for good. At the airport Kamiya Corp's president welcomes back his son Kousuke, who has been studying LBX's overseas. He believes his son is what they need to cause the Fairy Tail project to succeed. 

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