Stand Up, Ban
Name in Japanese 立ち上がれ バン
Release Date November 30th, 2011
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Opening Isshin Denshin
Ending Himitsu Kichi

Stand Up, Ban (立ち上がれ バン) is the thirty-nineth episode of Danball Senki anime adaptation. It aired on 30th November, 2011.


The Seekers learn the eternal cycle sampler is being kept at Kamiya Craft's Goliath. Lex sends Kazu the infiltration route, so Kazu, Ami, Gouda, and Daiki decide to go in, not knowing Lex is watching them from the shadows. The group makes it into Goliath fairly easily and arrives at the control center where they see mysterious controls known as acorns being made. The group is forced to hide when Yoshimitsu arrives. Shortly afterwards Kamiya Craft's president arrives with his son, who informs them they have a rat problem. Yoshimitsu and the President leave the room and Kousuke faces the others four-on-1 with his LBX Lucifer. At Ban's place Jin arrives to confront Ban. Ban admits he's afraid he'll die or his friends will die if they continue. Jin tells him loss is a part of life and reveals that his parents were killed in the Tokio Bridge incident. If that were not enough his grandfather has now been killed and replaced by an android. Ban gets more rebellious and tries to destroy Odin until Jin reminds him how Odin connects him to his father. This, plus some wise words from his mother, cause Ban to rebound. Jin is notified that Ami and the others have been captured in Goliath, so Ban and Jin decide to rescue them. At Kamiya Corp Yoshimitsu tells the Innovators to hand over the Eternal Cycle sampler when the Seekers arrive because he is changing up the final phase of their plan. Ban and Jin sneak in with the help of the Kaido's butler, but the Yoshimitsu android comes into the hall to battle. He launches his new LBX Kaixa to battle Odin and Zenon. Kaixa gains Odin and Zenon's battle data using his AI and then begins to defeat them. However Ban's determination causes Odin to unleash his Extreme Mode. Odin overpowers and destroys Kaixa. The destruction causes the Yoshimitsu android to short circuit. Ban and Jin move past the android and continue looking for their friends as the episode ends. 

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