When the Devil Ascends
Name in Japanese 悪魔飛び立つ時
Release Date December 14th, 2011
Production Staff
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Theme Songs
Opening Isshin Denshin
Ending Himitsu Kichi

When the Devil Ascends (悪魔飛び立つ時) is the forty-first episode of Danball Senki anime adaptation. It is aired on 14th December, 2011.


3 hours before Saturn is scheduled to launch the Seekers begin their attack. Yagami outlines Saturn's defense system known as Fencer, a dangerous laser beam system that can short out any and all electronics. The goal is to stop Saturn before the launch, and the only time they can sneak into the base is when there are only 30 minutes until launch. Ban is given the Beam Garter Shield by Kirishima, and then Takuya leads Ban, Jin, Ami, and Kazu through the hidden research lab lake entrance. The group gets on the control room elevator so they have the quickest route possible, but in the hallway before the control room they run into a Fairy. The Fairy has not AI on its side, but it also has the ability to cloak itself. Fairy takes down Fenrir and Pandora before Ami realizes that Fairy cannot hide its shadow. Ban and Jin team-up and use Gungnir and Break Gazer on Fairy's shadow to finish it off. They make it into the control room with 4 minutes remaining and begin the shutdown process. Before they can finish though the system locks them out and the control room doors shut, locking them inside. Lex comes on the monitor and reveals he is the real mastermind behind Fairy Tail. We see him shoot Yoshimitsu in a flashback, and when Saturn launches Lex reveals his plan will reset the entire world, but it is not destroying the Tyrant Press Energy Plant. As Ban and company try to get out the door opens from the outside and in walks Professor Yamano to face off with Lex.