Countdown to Destruction
Name in Japanese 破滅へのカウントダウン
Release Date November 7th, 2012
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Theme Songs
Opening 2 Spirits
Ending Umare Kawatte mo Boku de Iiyo

Countdown to Destruction (破滅へのカウントダウン) is the forty-first episode of Danball Senki W anime adaptation. It aired on 7th November 2012.


Killer Droid Pegasus/Zeus Destroy Mode starts fighting with Ban and the others. As Minerva is damaged it doesn't fight. Adam and Eve sends Ban and Hiro's battle data to Zeus.  

Mami told that it is impossible to beat Adam and Eve because it contains their battle data. Dr. Yamano that his son and Hiro are put at a disadvantage but say that both still have hope for victory. Dr. Oozora did not understand and Dr. Yamano explain that the Perfect Brain does not record everything about their sons.  

He explain that Haruka's son, Hiro was the key to lead for victory. As Hiro's concentration level reaches a certain limit, he performs much faster while Adam and Eve doesn't know about it. 

Even Haruka was surprise as she witness this for the first time. Ban turns Ikaros Zero into weapon form and Hiro attacks Killer Droid Pegasus a few times before using 00 Sword. Later, the vice versa happens and Ban uses Meteor Breaker to destroy Killer Droid Pegasus and Zeus for good. After that, Miss Haruka stop the main laser as the countdown reaches zero just in the nick of time and permanently deletes Adam and Eve.  

Saddened that not only her ambition was crushed and her deceased brother had renew his will, Mami decides to commit suicide with a bomb. Ran notices this and prevents it from happening. Hiro and Ban respectively advise her not to die and uses her power for the sake of humanity, which Mami broke into tears. Everyone returns back to Earth. The police arrests Mami, Alfeld and Bishop. The President thanks and appreciates Ban and others. However, none actually noticed that something new is going to occur soon. 

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