The All-to-Stake Final Mission
Name in Japanese 全てを賭けた最終ミッション
Release Date December 21st, 2011
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Theme Songs
Opening Isshin Denshin
Ending Himitsu Kichi

The All-to-Stake Final Mission (全てを賭けた最終ミッション)is the forty-second episode of Danball Senki anime adaptation.It aired on 21st December 2011.


After Doctor Yamano opens the doors Yagami also enters. He reveals they've traced the route of Saturn and that it is headed for N-City. Lex reveals he is targeting N-City because of the International Group Summit taking place there. Lex reveals an explosion 18 years earlier cost his father his job, but his father always claimed he did not cause the explosion. Lex traced the explosion back to Yoshimitsu, which is why he took his life, but now he sees the world falling for the same trap from politicians, economists, and developers because of their greed.

The group leaves the lab and boards Eclipse and Lex and the android Yoshimitsu use a jet plane to board Saturn. Eclipse catches up with Saturn and launches a desperate attack with LBX's to try and lower fence's defenses. Six LBX's make it on board Saturn using their new umbrella shields, but they quickly encounter a fleet of Innovator LBX's waiting for them.

Ban and Jin manage to make it to the fence control room where they once again encounter Kousuke. Kousuke refuses to believe they are headed for N-City and insists on fighting. Seeing no other choice Ban activates Odin's Extreme Mode and Jin activate Zenon's Alternative Mode to battle Lucifer. Lucifer tries a quick finisher with Devil Sword but fails to hit them because of the increased speed. Odin and Zenon get in many quick hits and appear to finish off Lucifer, but Lucifer rises and enters the deadly Seraphic Mode to finish the battle. 

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