Retrieving the Blueprints
EP 47 Danball senki w HQ
Name in Japanese 設計図を手に入れろ
Release Date 26th December, 2012
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Theme Songs
Opening Telepathy
Ending Chikyuu no Kizuna

Retrieving the Blueprints (設計図を手に入れろ) is the forty-seventh episode of Danball Senki W anime adaptation. It aired on 26th December 2012.


Ban and his team arrive at the old Innovator base where they find that the base is heavily guarded by ghost jacked LBXs. Fortunately, they manage to enter the base using a secret entrance which is known only to Jin. They reach the control room and finds the AX-000 blueprint, which Doctor Yamano downloads into Ikaros Zero. But before they can escape, Vector launches a surprise attack on the team using Killer Droid Pegasus. After taking some heavy beating, they manage to defeat Vector. On the other hand, Hiro and his team manager to retake control of the power station. Suddenly, they get a report that Tiny Orbit is attacked and is under control by Vector. 

Major Events

  • Professor Yamano, Ban, Kazu, Jin and Ami went to Innovator HQ to retrive the blueprints for AX-000.

Attack Function/Special Mode Used

Attack Function

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