L5 Ezelderm logo.jpg
Japanese エゼルダーム
Translation Ezerudammu
Color Black
Commander Seredy Kreisler

Ezeldarm (エゼルダーム Ezerudammu) is the new virtual country of the Second World in Danball Senki Wars. In reality, the country is the enemy, Bandit itself. It is later revealed that it is the extension of the terrorist group known as World Saber.


The virtual country of Ezeldarm was newly established in episode 21 by Kamui Daimon Comprehensive Academy's new kid-prodigy teacher, Seredy Kreisler.

Ezeldarm headquarters in Second World

The primary color of this school uniform in this country is black.


Several students from different classes were selected to be the country's military defense, including Kyouji Itan. In reality, the selected members were none other than the Bandit players.


With Seredy Kreisler leading this class, the student of this class were transferred from their previous countries.


  • Bandit Team
  • 1st Platoon
  • 2nd Platoon
  • 3rd Platoon
  • 5th Platoon
  • 7th Platoon
  • 9th Platoon
  • 10th Platoon
  • 11th Platoon


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