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Kamiya Craft Industries (神谷重工) is the world's biggest heavy-duty machinery manufacturer in the Danball Senki universe. In truth, the industry acts as the Innovator's sponsor for funding their operations and supplying advanced-tech weaponry in their machine production line and LBX army.


Main Facility: 5-RAI-AS

Prior to the first season, Kamiya Craft made large profits by their exporting of new weapons, while developing a public rumor of being accused of making secret weapons. While known to make powerful weapon, most of its important facilities are guarded by their advanced securities and 24/7 surveillance. The rumor is proven true as they secretly sponsor with the Innovator's operations and research.

GOLIATH: Kamiya Craft's main production branch facility, otherwise briefed as 5-RAI-AS. Ami and the other infiltrate the lowest floor to retrieve back the Eternal Cycler sample before getting caught by the director's son, Kousuke Kamiya. But they were eventually rescued by Ban and Jin, and successfully with the sample which was unknowingly an order by the Kaidou android.

Angel Star: Kamiya Craft's separate production warehouse and factory for manufacturing arm robots. Its the location were Professor Junichirou Yamano was confined, before Ban, Ami and Kazuya infiltrated the building to rescue him, but held off by a tricked Kirishima.


Manufactured Weapons

List of manufactured LBXs

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