With the LBX technology introduced, top technology makers from around the world expanded their industries towards the faction.

Official LBX Manufacturers

  • Tiny Orbit (N City's leading toy making corporation)
  • Kamiya Craft (A general heavy machinery maker, financing Innovator's operations in top secret)
  • Cyber Lance (Tiny Orbit's rival company)
  • Prometheus (A former automobile manufacturer)
  • Omega Dain (Nation-A's LBX Administartive Organization that distributes the M-chip to all LBX models, layering out all the official battle regulations)
  • Armor & Crown (England's top LBX manufacturer)
  • Ryugen (China's top LBX manufacturer)
  • Crystar Ingram (A foreign LBX maker and the creator of the Metanasu GX and other premium-brand products from unknown overseas)

Unofficial LBX Manufacturers

  • Yamano Handmade (LBXs that are of Professor Junichirou Yamano's personal handicraft)
  • Akihabara (A brand legionizing all otaku-customized or personal crafted LBX made in Akihabara)
  • NICS (Riding Sousa Makers)


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