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Omega Dain (オメガダイン) (also referred to as the International LBX Federation in the localized dubs) is L-City's LBX administrative organization, established by the world's premier LBX brand makers in the Danball Senki universe.


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When the LBX models were restocked, Omega Dain was founded with the hopes of creating LBX-installed equipment with safety protocols to follow the determined LBX battle regulations. The most probable equipment would be the M Chips installed into the core skeletons, where they automatically function to halt all LBXs due toCCM connection errors. However due to its connections with Crystar Ingram, there are also plenty of dark rumors the organization can't suppress.

During season one of Danball Senki, Omega Dain sponsored Artemis 2050 and offered the Championship Prize of the Methanus GX. Unbeknownst to them, the key to the Platinum Capsule is located in there as well, hidden within the Meathanus GX by Professor Yamano. However, their staff was attacked by the Innovator after the conclusion of the Artemis Final Battle Royale.

In season two, Omega Dain recruits Kirito Kazama as their test player. After the rampage of LBX in Tokio City and shutting down the brainjacking towers in Shanghai, China, the Seekers and NICS decide to investigate Omega Dain. However, Vice Preisdent Alfredo Gardnye intervenes and Omega Dain becomes temporarily blocked by the government as a potential suspect for the LBX rebellions. However, the CEO calls Takuya Uzaki for a meeting in N City and confirms that the M chips are supposedly safe. During Artemis 2051, the final battle of E Block resulted in a draw, which would normally disqualify both teams. However, the audience's response convinced Omega Dain to allow the contestants to the final round.

The dark rumors are proven true as explained by the Detector masked man in W-Episode 29. With his identity revealed to be Junichirou Yamano, he explains that all the Detector's terrorism were to counteract against the true enemy, Omega Dain itself. Their motives unclear but to use the communications satellite, Paradise to implement their ambitions


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  • Both antagonist groups, Omega Dain and Protocol Omega from the Inazuma Eleven series have the greek alphabet, "Omega" in it.
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