Model Info
Japanese: パンドラ
Romaji: Pandora
Game No.: 019, 060
Frame Type: Strider Framed LBX
LBX Type: New-Gen LBX
Brand Maker: Tiny Orbit
Arnaments: Hope Edge
Owner: Ami Kawamura
Affiliation/s: Seeker
Game Debut: Danball Senki (PSP)
Anime Debut: Episode 09
Appears in Anime, Game
Pandora (パンドラ Pandora) is Ami Kawamura's second personal LBX, and the successor to her Kunoichi in the Danball Senki series.


During its debut in helping Ban Yamano and his friends in a mission, it was colored in white with blue highlights on its blades and head piece. After Ami Kawamura recieves Pandora, the color framing was changed from white to rouge pink.


Pandora appeared to assist Ban Yamano and friends from Ishideus piloted by Heiji Kirishima. Ishideus knocks away Kunoichi and Hunter again, but as it picks up another container, Pandora drops another smoke bomb, cuasing thHeiji to lose sight and accidentally drop it on Ishideus' front. Pandora gives the signal to Ban, who prompt shoots down the handle of the container and destroys Ishideus' own engine.

It is first seen when Ami uses Pandora when Innovator trying to steal the platinum capsule. Ami receives Pandora from Yuusuke Uzaki as a present for solving the puzzle of Pandora when Kunoichi was destroyed by Innovator's Inbit in the anime. While facing the advanced processing of Inbit, she slowly detected the timing, with Pandora dodging every move and slowly leading them into a trap, dodging all of their laser fire after predicting the firing part, and destroying two. That allowed Hunter the opening to use Stinger Missiles to defeat the last Inbit. Pandora. After the incident, she customizes Pandora. Pandora's Attack Function is Souken Rangeki. Pandora is much faster and more powerful than Kunoichi. Ami handles Pandora easily, clearly shown in her first battle; she handles Pandora the same way that she handled Kunoichi.

The next day, Ami customizes her Pandora's color frame to rouge pink with shades of crimson.

After Ami's Dark Pandora is defeated, she is given another white Pandora to replace her old one.

Ami's Pandora uses her speed to distract Killer Droid from Achilles Deed and Triton attacks.


  • HEAD: 400
  • ARM: 100
  • BODY: 200
  • LEG: 500 + 500
  • WEAPON: 200
  • SHIELD: -


  • Hope Edge (ホープ・エッジ)

Attack Function


  • Like the Pandora puzzle box, Ami also solved the puzzle of who's controlling LBX Pandora.
  • First seen helping Ban and company when faced against the Ishideus during their Angel Star infiltration to rescue Ban's father.
  • The name "Pandora" is derived from the first woman made out of soil in the Greek Mythology.
  • The regular Bandai Model of Ami's version was ranked 21st in the LBX Popularity Poll Ranking Special.
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