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Tiny Orbit Corporations (タイニーオービット社) is one of the world's leading toy maker companies, and top in the market for its LBX manufacturing in the Danball Senki universe. It stands as a primary support location for Ban and his friends, as their popular LBX models are a big hit among children across the globe.

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The corporation was founded by the Uzaki family starting off with the first CEO, Seichirou Uzaki, Takuya and Yuusuke's father. Before the LBX development, the corporations's electronics division were focused on circuitry.

After his death, Yuusuke Uzaki inherited his father's position and Takuya Uzaki taking charge of the R&D (Research and Development) Department. With both brothers carrying on the business, they found evidence regarding the truth of their father's death. He was murdered by Yoshimitsu Kaidou after discovering that he plans to take over Tiny Orbit or his personal plans for world domination. Takuya sought for vengeance, while Yusuke remained focused towards the industry business.

With the new development of the LBX models, the company experienced rapid growth in the stock markets across the globe.

After the Detector's global threats and boycott rising of LBX protests, Tiny Orbit was taken over by Crystar Ingram, and replaced Takuya's position as CEO to Muneto Sawamura. After the Paradise arc, Takuya was reinstated as CEO.

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